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Why should we consider a Management System, or ISO 9001 certification?

It has always been done like that ... !

Management Systems

Management system can help your company to better fulfill your customer's needs.

A well-implemented Management system ensures that our products or services fulfill our customer's needs and expectations. It covers not only the final product, but in particular the path and the means to achieve it. In a nutshell, such a system focuses on two core questions:

The renowned ISO 9001 standard (which is "the" standard for Management systems) describes Best Practices in business management. A well-implemented Management system will reduce waste, improve responsiveness ... and thus increase both customer satisfaction and job security.

What We Do

We offer the complete "package" around Management systems.

We can accompany you all the way from the initial idea through the implementation and training up to certification ... and further, if you wish! We can help you implement a pragmatic, working Management system from scratch, or improve - and certainly simplify - an existing management system.

With 20+ years of hands-on experience in different industries, we are knowledgeable in ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001. ISO 19011. AS9100. FCOS 6508. BRC-IoP. Swiss legislation on chemicals, EC Directive 2006/42/EC on machinery, ISO 17025 and related aspects of instrumentation (e.g. validation and qualification of laboratory equipment) and with best practices such as GLP and HACCP.

System Audit

We perform audit activities on behalf of our clients (internal, external, supplier audit) and third-party audits ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 on behalf of accredited certification bodies.

System Training

We offer training courses and workshops that are accessible for anyone who is interested in Management systems: managers and auditors as well as collaborators from R&D, IT, purchasing, logistics and marketing (this explicitly includes executives who consider "ISO certification" for their company!) All our courses are run in a highly interactive, down-to-earth workshop atmosphere and are available both as "open", public training and as in-house training:

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management: Efficient Tools for Customer Satisfaction

A well-implemented Quality Management system will make your business processes more efficient, reduce waste, improve responsiveness and resiliency ... and thus increase both customer satisfaction and job security.

This one-day training explains the fundamentals of Quality Management systems, in particular ISO 9001:2015 in a pragmatic, down-to-earth manner. You understand what is needed to implement it, you and know how to prepare for certification, you are able to estimate the cost of such a certification and you are aware of the potential pitfalls: after all, your trainer is an active management system auditor with 10+ years of professional experience ;-)

The course content is applicable to any business, independent of size or industry.

Internal Audit: Methodology and Realisation

Any modern management system – be it quality management according to the famous ISO 9001 or any other standard – requires to perform internal audits on a regular basis. However, much too often there is a lack of qualified auditors: even in mid-sized companies, often a single person is in charge of performing all internal audits. To evolve from bare “compliance audits” into real-world “process improvement audits”, we need more trained collaborators - and this is what this course offers.

This interactive - and sometimes provocative - one-day course shows the toolbox of the internal auditor. Based on the principles of ISO 19011, you learn how to plan internal audits and to run them in a practical, down-to-earth manner. You identify best practices. Your colleagues consider you as a valuable partner to identify and implement meaningful improvements.

This training is for anyone who is to act as an internal auditor or simply interested in this field of work. Yes, this includes managers.

Enterprise Risk Management: Mastering Uncertainty to Create and Protect Value

Too many managers still think of "risk management" as an insurance policy and workplace safety. Yet the purpose of risk management is not to minimize risk taking but to create and protect value. Risk management is about increasing the likelihood of achieving objectives, about better business agility and increased sustainability.

This 1-day training covers the fundamentals, implementation and application of enterprise-level Risk Management in a pragmatic, down-to-earth manner. The course content is applicable to any business, regardless of the size of the company and regardless of your specific industry.

8D – Eight disciplines problem solving

8D (“eight disciplines”) is an approach to problem solving. It is a reactive method, i.e. it is only used when a problem already exists, and it typically employed when the cause is not clear. 8D focuses on permanent improvement of processes and aims to identify, correct and eradicate recurring problems at the source.

This intense and highly interactive workshop provides you with tools and techniques to analyze problems, determine their causes, plan and implement effective corrective actions and validate the results.

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