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The Swiss Legislation on Chemicals

If you drink much from a bottle marked 'poison' it is certain to disagree with you sooner or later. ― Lewis Carroll


The Swiss Chemicals Act (ChemA) and the Chemicals Ordinance (ChemO) require that:

This affects every business in Switzerland where dangerous chemicals are bought, sold, imported or exported, transported, produced, stored, used or disposed of - regardless of the core activity and the size of the company! (If you are unsure whether you are affected: please free to call us, we're happy to serve you!)

What is "dangerous"?

GHS symbols

Swiss law considers any product that carries any of the 9 CLP pictograms shown above as dangerous. Any company who handles, sell or uses such a product must designate a "contact person" (yes, even if you just handle them in-house!).

Within these products, there are two particular sub-categories:

Some specific skills are required

The skills and expertise required are defined in the corresponding regulations (SR 813.113.11 for the "contact person", SR 813.131.21 for the "remittance of chemicals"). The latter is assessed by a formal test and accompanied by an official certificate. — To pass the test, it is not enough to have some basic knowledge of chemistry. The real emphasis is on the knowledge of the applicable laws and regulations, the capability to read and understand a material safety data sheet and to be able to advise the customer!

Our service: Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA)

Companies that ship dangerous goods by road or rail in Switzerland generally have to appoint a dangerous goods safety advisor (DGSA).

DGSA: role

The role of the DGSA is described in SR 741.622 section 3. In a nutshell, the job of the DGSA is to reduce the dangers that may arise in connection with the filling, packaging, preparing, loading, shipping/transporting or unloading of dangerous goods. Dangerous goods safety advisors:

External DGSA?

The DGSA can be an internal employee or an external person. Depending on the size of your the company and the situation, it may be worthwhile to appoint an external DGSA and this is where we come in:

For a detailed offer, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to draw up a tailor-made offer for you.

Training and Certification

We offer a comprehensive training program that covers all aspects of the Swiss Chemicals Act and related regulations, including the certification for the remittance of chemicals. All our courses are run in a highly interactive, down-to-earth workshop atmosphere and are available both as "open", public training and as in-house training:

Contact person

In Switzerland, any business handling or trading any dangerous product must designate a "contact person" according to SR 813.113.11.

This 1-day crash course provides you with all the information you need to act as "contact person". It is also useful for officers, company owners and managers, employees from purchasing and logistics in wholesale and retail trade, internal and external auditors.

Introduction to GHS and ADR: Transport of Chemicals

The ADR is a European regulation that covers the transport of dangerous goods by road. It has been adopted as law in Switzerland (with a few exceptions) and covers the entire transport chain, from the selection of suitable packaging through transport up to unloading at the destination.

This interactive 1-day course teaches the basics and application of the GHS and ADR in a down-to-earth and pragmatic manner. This course is an introduction according to ADR clause and is aimed at anyone who is involved in the packaging, transport or postal dispatch of chemicals: manufacturers, resellers, retailers, product managers, employees from purchasing, sales and logistics.

The content of the course is applicable to any company that buys, stores, uses, produces, packages and/or ships chemicals, regardless of industry.

Remittance of chemicals

In Switzerland, any person who sells or distributes certain dangerous products ("class 1" and "class 2") to certain clients must possess the permit "remittance of chemicals" according to SR 813.131.21.

This course is "the" official 2-day training course with federal exam for anyone who wishes to acquire or refresh the permit according to SR 813.131.21: salespeople and customer advisors, employees in wholesale and retail trade.

We are proud that more than 98% of our participants pass their exam on the first try!

  • Duration: 2 days (usually 1+1 with a week-end in between).
  • Next public training: (FR) Lausanne: October 4, 2024 (Suite et examen: 07.10.). – (DE) Aarau: October 8, 2024 (2. Teil und Prüfung am nächsten Tag.). – Register.
  • This training is also available as in-house training, with the course material in German or in French and english-speaking moderation: Get in touch with us.
  • Download the fact sheet: Remittance of Chemicals in German and French.
  • Remittance of chemicals / Brush-up training

    This is a 1-day refresher course for people who already possess the permit according to SR 813.131.21 but need to brush up their knowledge on the latest developments.

    Note: if your permit is older than approx. 2012, we strongly recommend that you re-take the "full" training course.

    Contact / Register

    To register for any public training, follow this link: Dates and Registration.

    Do you have any questions, do you need help, do you want to book an in-house course? All our courses are also available as in-hourse training. Just get in touch with us!